These are the tutorials I have written, ranging from very simple to more complex ones on a variety of subjects. Most of these are for 3ds Max, and each tutorial will list its requirements.

Beginner Tutorials

Lathe 3ds Max

Create lathed/revolved objects.

Raytracing 3ds Max

This guide provides a basic introduction to how raytracing works. Raytracing is the method used to render reflections and reflections, among other things.

Golf Ball 3ds Max

Use basic modeling techniques such as beveling and subdivision (MeshSmooth) to create a golf ball.

Tissue Box 3ds Max

Make a tissue box using some lesser-known but powerful tools, such as ShapeMerge and Shell. No Booleans needed!

Advanced tutorials

Depth of Field in mental ray Blender

Use the mental ray renderer to produce a realistic depth-of-field effect.

Blender Fluid Simulation Blender

Use Blender to simulate fluid flowing down a flight of stairs.

Cloth 3ds Max

Use reactor to realistically simulate cloth draping over an object.

HDRI 3ds Max

Learn how to use an HDRI (High-Dynamic Range Image) file to create a more realistic environment.

Caustics 3ds Max

Use the mental ray renderer to create caustics: the light patterns caused by light refracting through glass.

Boat Wakes 3ds Max

Use reactor's water simulation to create the wakes left behind by boats.

Blobmesh 3ds Max

3ds Max's Blobmesh, essentially metaballs, creates particles that meld together with nearby particles.

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